Mystery Founder Causes Major Sell-Off Of Oyster PRL Token

Oyster is a site that stores files by using DLT. Its smart contract on Ethereum increased its PRL token share to the millions on Monday.


The value of PRL declined by a margin of 60% after the introduction of the fresh tokens. Its market capitalization also surpassed $10 million in just a few minutes.

Oyster’s Message On Twitter

The entity stated early today that, directorship was exchanged by the first Ethereum address controlled by Bruno Block. As a result, it enabled the new executive to mint 3 million new PRL.

The corporation said they did not have a clue why the subsequent events happened as they did and are now looking for solutions to the issue. Bruno is the unidentified creator of Oyster, who simply goes by a pseudonym. It is not yet clear how Block remained unidentified and assumed full control of the venture. This is even after those who led the file sharing process guaranteed that the agreement was free of bugs.

Newly produced tokens were transmitted to KuCoin, a digital exchange platform where they were sold at a low value. Users of Oyster token were able to identify abnormalities on Reddit.

Recently, the Oyster token has been surrounded by many controversies. Individuals are exchanging Ether to this agreement for a proportion of 1 ETH to 5000 PRL tokens. This implies that they can pull in a higher incentive on Kucoin. The total supply has also witnessed a significant increase.

Reddit users later discovered that Oyster and the account proprietor accessed it after a long period of inactivity. Investigations reveal they reopened it six hours ago. The customers were examining content from

Despite the fact that the PRL token is an ERC20 token, it tends to be utilized to work and transact on other platforms. Oyster intends to use the power of Tangle innovation created by IOTA to give private document storing capacities.

Indeed, even under such indistinct conditions, the group behind PRL has not given any reasonable ideas on how it will stop or contain the mishap. Since it is not possible to recover the directorship of the agreement, the group should choose to make another contract.

1 year ago

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