UN Creates Crucial New Discussion Panel with Blockchain Focus

According to reports, Secretary-General to the UN has designed a new discussion panel to bring in experts from around the world to address the exceptional growth rate of digital technology and its impact on several industries on a global scale.

Panel Discussion

As the first panel of its kind, twenty key members of their respective sectors, including education, global industries and more, will come together and debate how new-age digital technology is directly affecting the modern world. António Guterres, the Secretary-General, described the rate of technological growth as unparalleled and evolving at incredible speed.

Amandeep Gill, an Ambassador and representative of the UNS, explained that without understanding blockchain and artificial intelligence, it’s impossible to look at the next generation of the web and move forward. 

He adds that the panel hopes to bring together like-minded expert individuals in their respective field and discuss this new tech and its impact. According to him, the discussion aims to bring closer international relationships and joint efforts through digital technology development in several aspects, including human rights and privacy as well as cooperated fundamental foundations.

Additional Factors

The UNS representative also mentioned addressing growing concerns regarding the negative impact of digital tech, referring to growing online attacks and hacks as well as crypto jacking operations. 

He expresses hope that the new panel’s direct focus on emerging tech will provide the best results over the following nine months. Alibaba founder Jack Ma and his Ant Financial firm managed to gather $14B in funds to invest in blockchain research and development. As one of two chair members of the new discussion, Jack Ma will oversee the panel with co-chair member Melinda Gates.    

Jack Ma confirmed the unknown effect of blockchain technology on the world, stating that it would jump over any expectations as of now. The United Nations has been researching blockchain for a very long time as a means of further advancing the tech to provide humanitarian services on a global scale through BC. Its first attempt involved Syrian refugees receiving cryptocurrency vouchers through Ethereum’s blockchain.

Other humanitarian uses of blockchain by the UN have involved identifying kidnappers and child traffickers around the world as well as relinquishing food to starving nations through the tech. 

2 years ago

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