UK’s FSA Pilots Blockchain Technology to Monitor Supply Chains in the Industry

The United Kingdom’s safety food watchdog, known as the FSA, released an official statement on Monday confirming their successful pilot of a monitoring system based on blockchain technology.

A press release claimed that the new tech focuses on tracking all cattle meat supplied from an anonymous slaughterhouse, which offers more clarity throughout the entire product supply chain.

Data was monitored by both the agency as well as the participating slaughterhouse itself. According to FSA’s information management head Sian Thomas, blockchain offers the potential to provide great opportunities to this facet of the production industry.

He explained that for this trial, the inclusion of information from a slaughterhouse allowed for extensive insight into the value of this technology as its industry requires a high level of inspection as well as collecting and organizing results.

New Uses for Blockchain Tech

Thomas went on to note that their approach aimed at developing food industry data standards, making what he called theory a reality.

The organization is pleased with the results so far as it demonstrated just how promising the incorporation of blockchain technology could be for this division of the food industry. Results offers hope for an industry collaboration with government regulations working in unison in order to grow and develop the system.

Looking forward, plans to begin testing numerous programs in July are underway, providing farmers with data regarding their livestock.

Although this pilot marks the very first event in which the FSA utilized blockchain technology in order to monitor food and supply chains, several retail giants such as Walmart, Alibaba, and Cargill have already begun actively testing the technology and the opportunities it provides.

2 years ago

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