Ukraine to Host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, will host the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference this year in September, inviting experts in cryptocurrency and blockchain from every corner of the world to participate in the event.


This year’s event expects to see some of the most distinguished members in the respective fields come together in Kyiv and discuss crypto’s future within the industry and real-life applications around the world. Everyone from government officials and authorities to investors and academics will attend the event.

Leading organizations and businesses on a global scale will speak at the conference and provide expert advice regarding blockchain application in the industry. Initial coin offerings will also be dissected and explained by experts covering both sides of an ICO.

During the event, one topic to be discussed is considered the most important. Leading figures and authorities will discuss regulations and laws placed on cryptocurrency by Ukraine’s financial authorities in light of their intention to apply new anti-laundering regulations.

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After the panel discussions by keynote speakers, attending guests will be invited to an exhibition displaying the latest innovations by top tech companies around the world. Crypto related products, including mining and asset management tools, will be unveiled. Those attending the exhibition may also unknowingly begin networking with some of the biggest names in the industry.

The exhibition will display many new products of research into blockchain and cryptocurrency, presenting hardware and software featuring state of the art design, meant to tackle many issues facing the cryptocurrency industry and introduce new applications to the world.

The event itself is scheduled to be held at Parkovyy, a historical meeting center in Ukraine.

2 years ago

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