Ukraine Begins Blockchain Voting Tests

The Central Election Commission (CEC) in Ukraine has just announced the initiation of a new NEM protocol test voting on blockchain-tech and has calculated a possible $1227 cost per node installed for voting purposes within each poll in the country. The new test went underway in a collaboration between the CEC and NEM Foundation in Ukraine.


According to Oleksandr Stelmakh, an official commissioner responsible for the state voter register stated that the test is still underway and any individual may join in. He adds that by storing the votes on the NEM blockchain, votes will become completely tamper-proof and immune to manipulation by malicious actors. Additionally, the same methods were used to reserve the 2014 election data for the current president.

As per Stelmakh, another added bonus of using the tech is that any current information displayed on the NEM protocol is presented to users in an easy and accessible format. Currently, Ukraine is quickly climbing as a very welcoming nation towards cryptocurrencies. The country is constantly producing new ideas to aid in the national adoption of blockchain-technology, producing their very own digital currency and have begun reviewing and creating new regulations for cryptocurrencies.

In 2017, Bitfury also submitted proposals in order to design and launch a voting system built on blockchain for Ukraine. As it happens to be, blockchain votes are not an infantile notion anymore.

This week, West Virginia did state that US soldiers deployed overseas will be able to vote during the midterm elections on an application designed off of blockchain called Voatz. Zug, a central hub form crypto-blockchain research and development in Switzerland has also been studying and research blockchain voting methods.

2 years ago

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