UK Minister Calls on Government Leadership Through Technology

Eddie Hughes, a UK Minister, published a study about blockchains earlier this week, urging the government to adopt technology and prioritize it as a crucial form of currency.

Highlighting several important points, the study, published under the name of “Unlocking Blockchain”, compared ongoing projects in Estonia as a standard. The minister also stressed upon how the government should utilize blockchain to rebuild trust within the society.

Governmental Use

Hughes believed the digital platform technology should be used to benefit and aid people as opposed to being used for gains by the government.


Although officials have been studying blockchain recently, authorities have yet to reveal how the technology would be utilized for public services. Hugh believes around $10.56 billion can be saved if the government begins to utilize blockchain tech for across various sectors. 


After revealing its research into blockchain as a response to the minister’s paper by the government, Hughes made another proposal suggesting that government sections join each other through the technology to save on costs racking up in the billions.


The minister also suggested that blockchain technology be open to other emerging new-age technology, which includes artificial intelligence. 

2 years ago

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