Tweet By Ton Founder Leads To A 9% Rise In TRX Value

However, the crypto is still trading below the 30-day all-time high. 


TRX Values Spikes Instantly Over Planned Partnership

The value of Tron’s TRX has shot up by about 9%. The spike came after Tron boss and founder Justin Sun revealed that the organization was  working on a partnership with a mega-firm. He did not reveal the name of the firm. According to Sun, the deal is worth billions of dollars.

His followers reacted by showing excitement while others raised a number of hard-hitting questions. Some users warned Sun against his approach of making the announcement.  They held the view that such revelations should be handled with care something that might lead to volatility since investors will become hyped. However, a section of users even went ahead to predict the name of the firm. Some stated it was Alibaba or Baidu.

Sun’s tweet has in the past caught the attention of the media. Early this week, Sun tweeted that there was a planned upgrade that will enhance the efficiency of blockchain by making it 200 times faster than ethereum. In comparison to EOS, Sun said that prices will be 100 times less.

Moments after the tweet, TRX’s value rose by about 8% at a time when he assured investors that the new upgrade will be used to fill the gap that other blockchain’s left in the market. Data shows that TRX value spiked by 9% following the tweet on the partnership.

However, a look at the overall price highs, TRX is still trading under $0.028 mark that has been a 30-day high. The currency is currently being exchanged for $0.024. In comparison to the coin’s all-time high of $0.25, it has dropped by about 90%

Tron has also announced additional development like the upgraded toolkit for engineers. The upgrade will help developers come up with DApps for the entire cryptosystem.

At the beginning of 2018, through the stewardship of Sun, Tron took over Rainberry which was previously called BitTorrent. Rainberry is set to be linked with the TRX system, something that will lead to the acquisition of about 100 million new users. Reports indicate that seeders will receive incentives in form of cryptos.

Additionally, Tron also unveiled the maiden blockchain game after collaborating with BitGuild. The gamed dubbed Magic Academy with a ranking system is set to issue incentives for users.

2 years ago

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