Tweet by Miracle Whip Indicates Launch of WhipCoin ICO

Miracle Whip has tweeted about its plans on the ICO for the Whipcoin. Following the tweet, there has been a wave of likes, retweets, and comments, with some praising the humor of the tweet while others offered suggestions on using Whipcoin for infrastructure growth. 



Well-known as America’s food dressing, Miracle Whip is the food garnishing alternative of mayonnaise and has an annual sale of $160 million. The firm is owned by Kraft Heinz, one of the largest food processing entities in America.

Although the tweet by Miracle Whip indicated a joke, it is unlikely that the $46 billion corporations backing the company will sanction token sales in the near future, however the eagerness of the firm to join hands with the crypto industry is interesting. Only a few years prior, big organizations considered crypto a financial bubble which can pose a potential threat to the business sector.

As time went by, however, numerous industry big shots like JP Morgan are now directly engaging in ICO participation. Retail brands too have shifted to the online crypto community for the promotion of their products. This indicates that soon there can be a positive shift in the market paradigm.

Even though the tweet was filled with humor, Miracle Whip receives serious suggestion to use blockchain platform or start their mining of tokens. A few months back, in May, Oscar Mayer, inherited by Kraft Heinz for a limited span, has released its redeemable tokens, Bacoin, for Oscar Mayer bacon packs. Unfortunately, it was issued a termination notice later.

2 years ago

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