Tutanota Email Service Provider Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations

Tutanota, a company providing encrypted emails, has recently announced accepting digital donations. Anyone can donate BTC, ETH, Bitcoin Cash or Monero. The German company has also stated that it developing crypto-payment methods and conducting tests of the process itself.

The people’s choice

Tutanota users voted on which cryptocurrencies would be available for donations, although the company remains open for more cryptocurrency additions, stating that within the last few years, the company has noticed a growing demand for cryptocurrency payment methods. Currently, digital currencies can only be donated until further testing payment methods is complete. 

In a post by the company, it stated Tutanota has always supported cryptocurrencies and the notion of a fully decentralized paying method separate from traditional processers like banks and credit card providers. As an encrypted email provider, the company tends to individuals such as journalists and activists, given the anonymous nature of its operations and the required protection of its clientele. 

The initial plans were brought up in 2017 although the company has been revamping its encrypted services to provide accelerated transactions, enhanced design and future application of services with speed. The company also provides its services online and on mobiles which automatically encrypts all sensitive data.

2 years ago

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