Turkcell Joins CBSG Consortium

Recently, Turkcell has revealed its plan to join the new association founded by the CBSG as part of their blockchain consortium. In a statement, the Turkcell head executive said that the new technology will provide great opportunities and advancements to the economy through its safe, secure and efficient trading potential using cryptocurrencies. Kaan Terzioglu firmly believes that blockchain and cryptocurrency technology will introduce next-gen products and services to further advance the global economy.


The new consortium is an effort between four companies and was founded last year. Among its leading figures are Sprint Corp, TBCAsoft, Softbank and Far Eastone, companies hailing from Japan, the United States, and Taiwan. 

The company’s chief executive officer discussed the company’s recent inducting into the consortium, stating that through blockchain, the services it provides in terms of securing, facilitating and hastening the speed of transactions will contribute to the greater development and changes to the current-day economy and its future. 

New Era

He believes that blockchain will usher in a new era of viable services and applications for the company’s customers. He also stressed on using all available means and resources provided by Turkcell to provide a blockchain trading environment and promote further attention to the technology.

Turkcell is not the only new member of the consortium. As a means of bringing in new companies and individuals to contribute to blockchain and its future, the CBSG has drawn in several influential and leading companies to join the association and offer their expertise. Among these companies Axiata Group, PLDT Inc, Etisalat, and LG. The consortium’s purpose is to gather big names in service provision and to oversee and ensure future applications through blockchain and other digital services including pay and identification.

2 years ago

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