TRX Transfers Bounty Program to HackerOne

As a means of protection, the TRX Foundation conducted a bug bounty system designed to provide any developer that locates a possible threat to the Mainnet with a reward. By awarding developers, the company planned to draw in more experts in cybersecurity, mainly the top experts in the world to continue maintaining its platform and eventually emerge as the strongest defensive platform around.


Through this program, decentralized applications designed on the Mainnet offer enhanced performance and state of the art protection. Last month, the company announced the winners on its website, with 5 developers claiming rewards of up to $25K in total. The Github reward program in June was the foundation's final bounty program. HackerOne is now running the reward system as a separate entity from its predecessor. HackerOne’s program is currently live.

Rewards for the new bug bounty initiative are divided into 4 different categories, each with its own reward. Critical bugs that pose threats to user passwords will result in a $10K reward. High bugs are disruptive bugs initiated through DoS and result in a $6K reward. Medium bugs are essentially the same and will result in $3K rewards that find potential threats from wallet hackers. The final category will consist of minor threats and result in one hundred dollar rewards.

Tron plans on addressing any reported possible threats within 48 hours and each bug will be ranked on one of the four categories, followed by another 48 hour waiting period. Developers reporting legitimate threats will be rewarded within two weeks. TRX is also constantly promoting HackerOne’s new program and pointing developers towards it. 

2 years ago

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