TRX Platform Surpasses 12000 Transactions Per Second and Climbs Over

According to Tron, the company’s own blockchain platform has his the 1200 TPS mark, climbing over Ethereum in terms of processing speed. Justin Sun, Tron’s chief executive officer, and founder stated that the platform was now processing transactions 80 times the speed of Ethereum's platform.



Posting on Twitter, the CEO revealed the news, accrediting 14 years of business of BitTorrent and its multi-million user database in more than 100 countries worldwide. He praised the collaboration between both companies as the reason behind Tron’s latest achievement.

Currently, Ethereum can process anywhere between 15 and 20 transactions a second. Tron’s surpassing of Ethereum’s TPS is mainly in part that the platform allowed active users to vote and elect “Super Representatives”, also known as nodes available on the platform to generate more blocks, authenticate every transaction and provide competitive rewards.

Unlike Ethereum’s massive array of nodes, Tron’s model allows the community to select a few highly efficient nodes for these processes. Ethereum’s system allows any user on the network to create a brand new node and houses over 13000 nodes on its network that operate separately from each other and log in its decentralized blockchain independently while providing incredible security to the network.

Despite the massive number of operational nodes on Ethereum, every single one is required when processing just one transaction given that Ethereum has placed a cap on TPS. Vitalik Buterin states that Ethereum will eventually reach a TPS service in the millions within the near future. On the other hand, Tron has provided many statements as to the advancement of even faster and larger transaction numbers, with a 10K TPS climb next month. Last month, the company clocked in around 2000 TPS while testing the network.

2 years ago

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