Truth's First CEO Leaving After Just One Year

Mary Keane-Dawson, CEO of the blockchain-based media firm Truth, has announced that she will, in fact, be stepping down from her post after being in charge of the startup for only one year, as the firm will be changing focus. Oliver Southgate will replace her by this year's end, Southgate is currently the CTO after joining the team at Truth at the start of 2018.


Product Improvement

The company will be focusing on shifting its product into a much more visible position. The tech company expressed plans to enhance it going forward to a more complete model. The Marketing Group, the media holding firm to the startup based in the United Kingdom which can be found in the Nasdaq Nordic listings as of 2016, started Truth during November 2017; Dawson was named as its very first CEO.

Truth promises a more transparent, as well as, accountable experience going forward for media trading based on blockchain tech, acting as a digital ledger online to store transactions electronically.

It was a surprise to the entire industry when the firm was invited to give its pitch in opposition to 4 other conventional media buying organizations for the local government’s £140 M account centered on ad buying. In May, the contract was awarded to Manning Gottlieb of Omnicom.

2 years ago

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