TRONbet Registers Ten Thousand Plays on Very First Day

The streets and alleys of the cryptosphere change in a heartbeat and are surprising to say the least. That is why dropping the bomb of TRONbet echoed everywhere, but then again, the Tron Foundation is a chameleon and so is its founder, Justin Sun.


On its birth date, the de-centralized gaming app TRONbet registered over 10,000 plays.

Talk about game enthusiasts; the Tron community really knows its audience!

TRONbet – What Do You Need to Know?

TRONbet has an arsenal of decentralized Apps (DApps) and products due to its free-cooperation approach with whoever is willing to think outside of the box and provide a genuine addition to the network.

To get in on the TRONbet action, first, you'll need to gain access to a TRX wallet on TRONlink.

Then, you'll need to type a number and a specific amount to bet and wait for the system to check it; if the number you choose is below the target price, you get out with a payout!

Yes, that’s all there is to it. TRONbet is a shark in the gaming field which has definitely helped its developers work through their share of security issues.

On the positive side, there’s news suggesting the potential merging of TRONbet and Magic Academy to the TRON Testnet for a free world trade of Wizards and all good things. Tron stands as the 11th biggest crypto, when being evaluated by its market cap; and that’s understandable with all the good hype, that TRX leads with an undeniable passion.

Twitter is an Eyewitness

Justin Sun, the Godfather of Tron blew a Twitter hurricane when he shared TRONbet’s milestone, which is $70 million worth of TRX tokens won by users in just a matter of days. User comments followed Justin’s tweet like a flash flood that turned his thread into a mine of commentary about TRONbet.

2 years ago

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