Tron (TRX) Confirms Mainnet Upgrade, Finalized Tron Machine

Tron Foundation’s CEO and Cofounder, Justin Sun, issued a statement to his community members after launching the Tron Virtual Machine’s Testnet June 30th.

In the letter, Sun explained that the completion of the Mainnet is scheduled for August 30, the same date the Foundation plans to launch their official TVM. He also announced the beta TVM has officially been launched and within a month all TRON members will take part in testing it as well.

Sun later noted that the current Tron Virtual Machine is only a beta version designed to pinpoint bugs and prepare for the official launch. This process is aimed at enhancing security and optimizing the tool in order to create decentralized Apps. Once in motion, the Tron Platform and associated TRX coin will be in full bloom.

Interview with Justin Sun

The notable Youtube channel, The Crypto Lark, acquired the opportunity to interview Tron’s CEO, in which the subject of the TVM official release was also brought to light. In response, Sun explained that the Foundation is already fully equipped for the launch, however, prefers to take every precaution and test the product extensively beforehand.

Tests mentioned included the volume and pressure test, among others. Sun also went to on note that their Mainnet had been launched since June 25th; the Virtual Machine is currently being built onto the Mainnet.

This Virtual Machine refers to a space in which developers can create new and engaging DApps on their network. According to Sun himself, once Tron’s infrastructure is officially complete, it will support the creation of incredible decentralized Apps to come.

As the Tron platform is eighty times faster than that of the Ethereum network, the official launch is guaranteed to draw instant attention from developers around the world. The Foundation also plans to implement the notion of ICO smart contracts, further advancing the platform and native coin in the near future.

2 years ago

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