Tron Reveals Peiwo Super Representative Application

Chief Executive Officer of Tron, Justin Sun, has revealed that the leading voice content sector in China, Peiwo APP, will be hopping on and running to become a Super Representative(SR) on Tron. Additionally, Sun has said that due to ten million authorized and registered users on the platform active every month, Peiwo APP as an SR will make it one of the largest and most vital decentralized applications on the foundation.


Tron Foundation has revealed that over 60 possible applicants are available, including BitTorrent as the newest candidate for SR. Tron had acquired BitTorrent due to its mirroring in quality and purpose as Tron such as decentralization acceptance and the self-governing community with it.

Once elected and become a Super Representative, even party will hold onto incredible responsibilities in terms of maintaining and monitoring Tron and will act as a representation of the people. Additionally, these SR’s are also in charge of protecting Tron and its platform as well as regularly participating in tracking and authentication of any protocols by Tron on its network.

According to Peiwo, blockchain-based games will become the initial introduction to the blockchain, adding that Tron’s network and its incredibly high transactions per second and zero-fee charges will provide an excellent pathway to further development on blockchain-based games. The company will not on join Tron as an SR but will also take part in developing the block-game.

Earlier this year, the Foundation also revealed integrating both Tron and Peiwo together. Peiwo’s community consists of many young users, aged from around 16 years old to 25 and inhabit many of China’s major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Several other venues are mostly located in the US and Europe. Another comment was made, saying that through live streaming audio on the internet, Peiwo APP benefits its users by introducing several chances to self-promote and fulfill through the digital currency system on the app.

2 years ago

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