Tron Releases Weekly Update on Upgrades and Development

On the 5th of August, Tron published the company’s weekly round-up of development, enhancement, and advancement within its network. The chief executive officer, Justin Sun, said that the Tron Foundation was taking incredible steps forward in guaranteeing that any newly emerging startups would be concluded as quickly as possible. Addressing its Tron Virtual Machine (TVM), the company attributed its perfectly timed release to many advancements made by the platform.

The Machine

TVM supports and can integrate with the Ethereum machine (EVM) and allows developers to transfer from the EVM to the TVM with almost no costs whatsoever. As for Tron’s decentralized application system, it splits into three different categories including tools for development, engines and third parties. An additional announcement revealed that Tron had installed a limit on storage of nodes and CPU consumption.

The company firmly that the unique selling proposition would contribute to account registration fee of 0.1 TRX. The CEO also highlights the introduction of a blacklist created for nodes on the system to be able to distinguish between malfunctioning ones.

The foundation has also stated that the TVM will be upgraded and several features will be added to its system including deduction of CPU and verifying authenticity of digital receipts. Digital contract APIs are also set to be included within the network and a cap on resources set by changes in Dynamic.

Additional Action

Tron has said that its internet store went online for a series of rapid sales on the 30th of July and was welcomed graciously. According to the report, the company began collecting videos and other created media related to their day of independence and the TVM announcements on social media giant, Facebook.

On the 30th of July, Tron oversaw an event on Facebook and Twitter where any involved individuals could rack up points through a buddy invitation system attached to the CEOs media account. A day later, Tron released its highly-anticipated digital wallet, the Atomic wallet designed for native token trading. Additionally, Tron explained that the new wallet would sate the demands of clients and offer enhanced services while aiding in digital asset management.

The wallet itself encourages and enhances cross blockchain trading and will cut down on any third-party involvement.

2 years ago

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