TRON Continues Expanding Operations and Profit

TRON, also known as TRX, continues seeing achievements although it’s the number of transactions overall is still relatively low. While the constant addition of new accounts and wallets are holding transaction numbers at around 10,000 a day, the number is still severely low compared to major crypto exchanges seeing almost half a million transactions per day.


Earlier this month, Bittrex exchange announced its full update of TRX to the cryptocurrency exchange blockchain. In the announcement, Bittrex stated that withdrawal and deposits were now operational and asked its users to create new addresses for depositing assets. The platform then identified six of its largest representatives providing verification for the network. Additional representatives have also been under consideration.

Antpool is among the several possible representatives of the platforms head chair and acts as a major Bitcoin mining pool connected to the company. As of now, Skypeople has placed their vote at a whopping number of more than 250 million coins, earning it the biggest shot at the chair. As per the team’s long-term plan, Skyrocket is voted the highest during the Guardian phase which will consist of the network's representatives.

According to a post by Ledger, voters were placing their votes on an immediate reward system as opposed to remaining patient and overseeing election finalization for 27 TRX Super Representatives. After concluding the competition, compensation was returned to 31 TRX voters. The leading trader has won a massive reward of two million TRX coins, followed by 10 rewards consisting of 200000 TRX tokens and five 50,000 rewards to an additional 20 traders. 

2 years ago

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