TRON Acquires BitTorrent and Becomes Biggest Decentralized Online Environment Globally

TRON has climbed to a new level and the world’s largest decentralized Internet system after acquiring BitTorrent and its related products. BitTorrent is a top software company that provides the most efficient and fastest torrent download/upload client. As both companies integrate, Tron is seeing a whole new expansion in regards to developing crypto and blockchain-tech. 


On the 24th of July, after announcements of the new project were made in the development of the crypto-sphere, the internet exploded positively towards the news. As of now, TRON is currently the biggest decentralized Internet environment on the planet and has earned its new standing after successfully acquiring BitTorrent and its products division. The announcements were made on both Tron and BitTorrent’s social media.

In 2001, BitTorrent saw its launch and has dominated several sectors within the tech-sphere and eventually became the first-ever decentralized peer-to-peer process and as of now, it stands at the top following the new merger. Announcing the news earlier in the day, BitTorrent took to Twitter and stated that it has successfully integrated with Tron and together, both plan on creating the decentralized net.

Developers have played a significant role in the continuous development and advancements of decentralized-tech and will only go further after its new merger with Tron. Justin Sun, the chief executive officer of Tron, stated that by acquiring BitTorrent, it involves all of Tron’s decentralization solutions and as both share the same vision, he believes both parties will benefit greatly in the advancement of their ultimate goal.

Granted the new integration between both, Tron and BitTorrent, all of its long-standing members will come under one “house” and operate together as one. BitTorrent users will have full access to Tron and contribute to the advancement of technology together. The CEO adds that both firms coming together would provide a clear vision of a decentralized internet structure and relinquish the internet of any restrictive and limiting mega-companies by providing individuals with a free and open network connected globally. 

2 years ago

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