Tron Accused Of Misleading Public After Deal with Chinese Tech Firm

A section of the market has accused Tron boss Justin Sun of misleading the public over the matter. 


Tron Set To Use Baidu’s Blockchain Structures

Recently, Justin Sun the founder of Tron revealed that his firm had inked a deal worth billions of dollars. Many thought that the deal in question involved  Baidu from China. Baidu is the largest search engine in China with a user base of 750 million.

Tron later confirmed that it was partnering with Baidu. The Tron team stated that the deal involved the Baidu Cloud section. The collaboration was to be unveiled next week by Baidu Cloud.

However, reports in the Chinese media indicate that all the partnership entailed was the purchase of a Baidu cloud computing system. Many thought that the partnership was more than simply the purchase of a cloud computing system. The reports further indicated that the firm is yet to reach an agreement on the blockchain business point.

Another report in the Odaily showed that the two parties had reached an agreement in basic cloud computing. Under the deal, Tron will use Baidu resources to run and debug blockchain apps. The entire deal is meant to build compatibility and enhance efficiency.

It is expected that the two firms are working to come up with a blockchain business level deal before unveiling the entire collaboration. By press time, details had shown that the deal is focused on Baidu’s underlying cloud computing structures. Baidu is keen to offer its blockchain solutions as part of the blockchain V1.0. plan. The entire plan entails using technology to explore revenue distribution.

Many have faulted Tron for using the term partnership for the entire deal yet it only entailed the use of Baidu’s blockchain resources. A section of market experts has justifiably accused the firm of misleading the public.

2 years ago

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