Trezor/MetaMask Integration with Google Chrome Announced

MetaMask (MM) essentially introduces cryptocurrencies to a user’s internet browser. Through using Google Chrome or Brave extensions of either browser, MetaMask enables users to operate dApps based on Ethereum and forsaking the need to operate an entire ETH node.

Two of a kind

In light of these achievements, MM is incredibly secure and accessible on an unprecedented scale. The simplicity involved in using MM has proven its efficiency and has easily established it as one of the best-received extensions around with over one million users just on Chrome.

Trezor, on the other hand, is an offline storage service for digital currencies. Trezor is a physical wallet with a focused development on the transparency it provides and user-friendly and very accessible interface. In terms of security and asset protection, Trezor provides incredibly efficient password management.

Both MM and Trezor will be integrating and Trezor users will now be able to utilize MetaMask to control and customize their ETH portfolios while maintaining and safely storing their cryptocurrencies and digital assets on the cold wallet. As officially stated by Trezor, after linking an Ethereum account from the device itself, it will appear in MM and once it has been opened through the application, incredibly detailed transaction history, account balance and more will be displayed.

Additionally, when signing off a transfer or facilitating a transaction, any activity that requires the use of a password will trigger MM into requesting authorization through the wallet and users will be required to approve of any activity. In terms of security and private information when using both applications, the statement explains that every transaction requiring a user’s keys will remain bound to the device.

Private keys, signatures and any other personal information will never be revealed and once an account has been moved to the device, the wallet can simply be disconnected and all transaction data will be recorded on MetaMask. Deleting an account or history from the application is as simple as cutting off the account from the settings section in MetaMask and the balance of an account will remain untouched.

This displays great news for both members and will undoubtedly enhance every experience by every user operating and using the dApps present on Ethereum. It will also bring even more widespread access to users.

2 years ago

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