Trading Giant Coinbase Unveils Crypto Bundle Alongside Educational Tools

The giant exchange platform is at the forefront to offer additional financial products. Recently, it launched a tool meant to educate users on the crypto industry


Coinbase Simplifies Crypto Trading Through Launch of Bundle

Trading giant Coinbase has announced the launch of Coinbase Bundle, a new financial product. Through the bundle, Coinbase wants to restore the confidence of all investors involved with cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase has also adopted a simplified approach to sensitizing the public on cryptos. Through the bundle, Coinbase has enlisted all cryptocurrencies on the platform. Coinbase has five coins, namely, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin and Litcoin.

Investors have the power to determine the number of cryptos they would like to hold. Coinbase will then sum up a diversified portfolio of the present currencies. However, the calculation will be influenced by the market cap for the trading moment when orders are placed.

A notable thing from the bundle is that it begins at $25. Investors can purchase grouped cryptos according to their preferences. After a bundle is bought, the involved assets are then supplied in the relevant wallets where they behave the same way as independent tokens in a digital storage. The cryptos can later be exchanged individually.

US and UK customers will be able to purchase the bundle since the price is the same across the regions. Notably, Coinbase has not set up any maximum cost for the package. However, investors will have a limited purchase on a daily basis. The limits vary from user to user depending on verification limitations.

After the purchase of the bundle, it is then moved to an investor’s Coinbase account, where the individual cryptos are separated and later shifted to their respective wallets. However, selling the entire bundle is not possible. Users can only sell the cryptos is the package separately.

Cocational Materiainbase Launches Eduls

Coinbase has a number of financial products lined up. The firm has also launched the Coinbase Asset Pages. The feature is meant to offer educational materials for interested parties to gain more knowledge about cryptos. The Asset Page has 50 cryptos. Each crypto has information about its history in terms of trading, market cap info, the meaning of crypto and links to the specific white paper.

2 years ago

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