TradeSatoshi Will Remove BitConnect from Listing

BitConnect’s loaning pyramid scheme has made a few indications of a possible revival via social platforms and BCC is currently scheduled to essentially "die" as a cryptocurrency after its removal from TradeSatoshi, the last cryptocurrency trading platform to list the digital asset. In a post online, the exchange revealed that BCC, as well as several other cryptocurrencies,  are planned to be delisted.


In just one under one month, the announced assets would be delisted from the platform and all trading would cease, leaving BCC with a lack of acquiring value. Previously, at the height of activity of the scheme, the price of BCC steadily increased as a means of acquiring consisting BTC income. BCC has also managed to stay viable and involved up to this point due to the incredible surge in the price of Bitcoin.

BCC users were required to purchase the token using Bitcoin at a consistently increasing price with artificial support to its high level. Newly introduced traders and investors have poured their own funds for withdrawn dividends by previous and early purchasers and in return, earnings have essentially become similar to what is known as a Ponzi scheme. The company was unsuccessful in its attempt to once again launch BitConnectX, however, new hinting on social media is pointing towards the project’s previous leaders and a possible attempt at constructing a new scheme.

Additionally, the revival comes during a time when one of its exceptionally involved and vocal supporters of BitConnect, Trevon James, will appear in front of the SEC, the US financial watchdog. Even though the relaunched project’s initial coin offering has not begun taking place anywhere, it’s account on Twitter has seen some recent activity by inviting its users to a channel on the popular VOI program, Discord.

As of now, BCC’s most vital move was ensuring its listing on another platform following its removal from TradeSatoshi. BCC has been posted to PalitanX, a cryptocurrency exchange with almost no presence in the industry and platform users as a means of placing an actual price on the cryptocurrency. Newly emerging cryptocurrency exchanges platforms have been under the scope in terms of possible volume alteration. PalitanX exchange and its market may possibly be exactly what BCC needs to make a comeback and rebuild its community.

Another initiative by the community was a joint effort in boosting the account of TrevonJB on Steemit, an account that has suffered heavily and had any chance of resulting in a positive reputation on Steemit. The new BCC Discord channel was in the process of putting together an effective ploy on Steemit in regards to voting, one that would guarantee proper and strong power and influence for each voting individual involved. The account’s reputation has witnessed a climb from its previous low of 29 points up to 70 points over the last week. As a result, through refurbished connections and advertisements, BCC’s scheme might successfully draw in more support and contribute to additional losses with the high possibility of yet another exit scam.

2 years ago

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