Tony Vays Accuses TokenPay of Fraudulence

According to recent reports, both Litecoin and TokenPay will acquire almost 10 percent of WEG, a bank operating out of Germany. Verge, another exchange with a lot of controversy surrounding it, previously partnered with TokenPay on the development of a digital token debit card.


In light of the new deal between both parties, TokenPay and Litecoin, both could eventually control around 90 percent of the bank, although Verge has been becoming more of a concern, according to Tony Vays. According to him, many truths are being hidden and inner networking involves too many individuals.

On the 13th of July, further adding to his public disapproval, Vays posted on Twitter and called Tokeypay a scam and accused Verge as being responsible for it. After the announcing their collaboration, both became the target of social outrage and concern, accusing both TokenPay and Verge of misconduct on several occasions. Alongside the accusations, Verge had been in the midst of many attempted attacks on its currency, the latest costing Verge almost one million dollars.

As Tony states, TokenPay’s collateralized mortgage obligation is nothing more than a façade by Verge to instill more trust into its alleged scamming operations. He also pointed to the unusual number of posts on Twitter by TokenPay surrounding Verge.


In regards to Litecoin and TokenPay’s involvement, Tony Vays expressed full criticism of the deal and even included Charlie Lee, Litecoin’s creator, hinting at a possible bribery. His criticism involved him saying questioning how TokenPay’s CEO managed to sign a deal with Lee, supporting his insinuation of a large bribe and false promises including money laundering. 

The new deal between all three members was not the only issue Vays had a with. He mentioned Bancor and its latest $12 million loss during a hack on the system, referring to the company as a fraudulent initial coin offering partly due to the suspicions on an industrial level regarding the alleged decentralization.

2 years ago

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