Tim Draper: Only Criminal Will Use Cash in 5 Years

Venture crypto investor Tim Draper said that in 5 years only criminals will use cash and bitcoin is much safer than banks.

In an interview with Fox Business, Tim Draper said that over the next 5 years, cash will become irretrievably outdated and unnecessary. Only criminals will use it because if they start transferring money through cryptocurrencies, they can be easily tracked via blockchain.

According to Draper, banks are under constant hacker attacks. At the same time, no one has managed to crack the BTC blockchain. Therefore, it is much safer to keep money in cryptocurrency and, in general, the future stands behind bitcoin and other coins.

In addition, the legendary investor believes that JPM Coin, the cryptocurrency that JP Morgan is developing, will help attract interest to the crypto industry and BTC. Simultaneously, the hype around JPM Coin is unlikely to "live long."

In the past, Tim Draper predicted that by 2022 BTC price would rise to $250,000. In November 2018, the investor confirmed his forecast. The total capitalization of the crypto market, according to Draper, should jump to $80 trillion.

1 year ago

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