Three Superpowers to Become International Hacker Targets

Group-IB, a global agency with a purpose of conducting thorough investigations and the prevention of elaborate schemes and crimes, has launched an investigation in which it was revealed that the US, China, and Russia are set to become prime targets from digital currency hackers. The investigative report was released and prioritized analysis into leaks from user accounts. As the main purpose of the study, its primary focus is on handling and offering solutions to the guaranteed maximum protection of clients and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Growing Attacks

Investigators involved revealed that more accounts were exposed to criminal activity last year than recorded 2016 before. Additionally, criminal activity and account exposure saw a whopping increase by almost 700 percent in January of this year alone. In light of this, experts at the investigative company realized that the cryptocurrency industry is not equipped enough to protect itself from such threats as hacks and fraudulent scams.

Highlighted results of the investigation stated that malicious software utilized by these online criminals is climbing at a fast pace and continuously evolve to operate more effectively. Several strategies by criminals have been developed to hack into banks, with the same malicious tools used to attack digital exchanges, storage units, and even individual users. Ruslan Yusufov, director of the company, stated that the entire planet will see more and stronger attacks this year and has called out for a collaborated effort by developers, researchers and anyone involved in the crypto-sector to provide an answer to this very problem.

Additionally, he has stated that rising fraud and hackers being drawn to crypto, as well as elaborate software and the incredible number of stolen cryptocurrencies and money,  are all clear indicators of how unprepared the crypto-world is in terms of protection and security against the malicious factors. Researchers at the investigative company stated that the US, Russia, and China are three leading nations where users fall victim to these online attacks and as a result, this is what leads to the company believing that crypto is evolved enough to offer protection from harmful intentions.

CipherTrace, another company involved in cyber-investigation and security has stated that since 2016 and 2017, many of the world’s smartest criminals have managed to steal at least $1.2B worth in crypto from several trading platforms. 2018 alone has seen triple the number of hacks over the entirety of 2017. Complaints to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation have multiplied at least six times the number of complaints filed between 2015 and last year.

2 years ago

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