Three Major Investment Funds Contributed $1,9M to Coin Metrics

Blockchain company Coin Metrics held another investment seed round. In total, the company managed to raise $1.9 million from the three largest crypto investment funds.


According to CoinDesk, such crypto sharks as Fidelity Investments, Highland Capital Partners, and also Dragonfly Capital took part in the fundraising. In total, at this stage, they invested $1.9 million in the crypto project.

Coin Metrics co-founder Nick Carter claims there is no authoritative metric for the price of crypto assets on the market right now. After all, most of the price aggregators collect data from all exchanges, despite the fact that they are engaged in wash trading, that fuels up trading volumes and even the value of the assets.

Institutional investors don’t like it. Coin Metrics is going to fix this problem and provide reliable analytical tools.

1 year ago

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