A Third of ICOs from the Last Two Years Still Unlisted

Even though investors have spend over $12 billion on ICOs throughout the last year, around 70% of crypto not listed in the top hundred have been valued significantly lower than their initial funds.

A research company specializing in BC tech, Diar, estimated that the majority of ICOs from the last year are valued at just over $2 billion- a shocking $6 billion decrease in only a small segment of the overall ecosystem.


When it comes to the majority of projects, a primary portion of their value in their foundations, who control how assets can be utilized in order to fund its progress. ICOs have traditionally been used for fundraising, so this doesn’t come as a surprise.

In total, development communities from five of the highest-valued crypto foundations amass to over $2.5 billion worth of digital currencies. Every foundation derives its value from fluctuations in its respective currency’s market price.

Even more curious- Diar’s research concludes that one-third of the tokens initiated through ICOs in the last year haven’t been listed in exchanges, even though they finished with half of their funding rallies.

Of about 324 tokens that are yet to be listed, devs of an estimated 44 tokens didn’t provide data regarding how they aim to be distributed, even though they have raised over $1 billion.

2 years ago

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