Terrexa Pay Launched by Leverate

Leverate, the Trading tech provider, released their latest product, Terrexa Pay, designed to assist brokers and other companies in adopting cryptos. The new product is specifically targeting e-commerce and industries that are seen as risky like gaming or Forex.


The gateway crypto platform is created to make payments via BTC or any other digital currency much easier for the user. The firm emphasized the ease of use of the product through a plugin/widget application for the integration with the platform on the brokerage website along with other options for payment as well. The aim is for brokers to be able to save time as well as funds, it can also be used by others, as it is not essential to understand exactly how Txs or digital currencies work.

The platform is just the latest project from Leverate within the crypto field, whose main aim is to better the retention of clients and also the acquisition of new clients among brokerages. With access to such a distinct product series, Leverate is looking to focus more on still budding tech to support brokers who want to gain an edge in such a ruthless industry.

It seems issues that are related to cryptocurrencies have emerged not just for current brokers but for companies wanting to spread to new markets as well. At the beginning of this year, Leverate started a blockchain-based firm within their brand, Terrexa, whose main goal is to allow customers to start converting fiats to cryptos.

The new solution, which also targets any clearance problems for brokers, handles payments via cryptocurrencies for current clients with full identification of the payer and then converts the fiat currencies into cryptos.

New Offered Services for Cryptos

It was also revealed that the broker gets to provide to Terrexa Pay the extended public key to get assigned with unique addresses for each customer. This new service helps in identifying the origin of each payment made while informing the broker of any new Txs in real time via a committed control panel.

The Director of cryptocurrencies at the company, Oren Mizrachi, stated that there are a lot of brokers facing deficient payment systems in their countries and other restraints because of outdated methods of payment. So, when the firm envisioned Terrexa Pay, it was thought of as an extensive solution for these problems that will facilitate the method by which users perform Txs from various sources, whether it’s credit cards, normal bank transfers, or cryptos. He went on to state that the company believes stable solutions for payments are the next phase in crypto evolution.

2 years ago

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