Templum Markets Hosts Token Sale for Popular Resort

Templum Markets, a cryptocurrency trading platform has just overseen the launch of a token sale for a well-established resort located in Colorado. Certified users will be able to indirectly own St. Regis Aspen Report shares through purchasing Aspen coins as per announcements made by the company on the 8th of August.

The Coins

Aspen coins act as shares within the resort by a holding company meaning that each coin is fully supported by the resort although rightfully owned by the holding company and managed by Elevated Returns, a company specialized in operating and handling assets. Templum Markets will support USD, Bitcoin, and Ether as payment methods for acquiring Aspen coins during the sale.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Vince Molinari, stated that certified investors will be provided access to a closed door sale for the coins after registering with the platform. He states that each token will be equivalent to one share within Aspen Digital. Leader and founder of Elevated Returns, Stephane De Baets also stated that each of the Aspen coins represents a new approach for real estate investment and a one of a kind storage method.

She adds that the company firmly believes that tokenization through the new model for real estate displays unprecedented possibilities by providing liquidity to the biggest asset class around the globe.

2 years ago

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