Teen Threatens Airport Bombing to Get FBI to Inspect Stolen BTC

A threat was made by a teenager in India about blowing up the airport in an effort to get the FBI to start looking into his stolen cryptos. The eighteen-year-old male teenager whose name has not yet been disclosed, hounded the FBI by phone, calling about fifty times and assured that he was going to bomb Miami International Airport.


The FBI informed the law enforcement authorities in India about the suspect being quite angry about local authorities’ alleged failure to investigate the loss of about $1000 worth of cryptos.

Online Scam

The teen mentioned that his father had given him the money for investment in the cryptocurrency and that they were stolen from him online.

Authorities in India were able to locate him after tracing his IP Address, according to a representative from the local ATS. The suspect had tried to hide his tracks through a forged Aadhaar identification card, which is a unique card that uses biometric and demographic information, and then he used it for registration for a new email address with an incorrect name.

The suspect also used a VoIP number to make direct threats to the FBI and he also contacted the airport about 5 times with the same threat.

Upon questioning, the teenager confessed to the crime, as per Indian authorities. The ATS denied any assertions from the suspect about the FBI starting an investigation of the stolen cryptos when he started making threats. Police reported that the suspect is an intelligent and normally well behaved student and that his crimes will not warrant him any jail time.

1 year ago

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