Tech Expert Shift Towards Crypto Provides Promising Future

In July, social media giant Facebook appointed its first engineering head executive in charge of blockchain. Evan Chang, previously an engineer at Facebook, was promoted to DOE of blockchain. This move marks a powerful one for Facebook in terms of its technological advancement.

FB Coin?

Olaf Carlson-Wee of Polychain explained how leading tech firms have been turning towards crypto and according to him, he has a time imaging Facebook with its own native cryptocurrency or blockchain given its centralized nature. He believes that centralized profit systems tech-leaders like Facebook utilize make it unlikely for crypto trading networks.

The lead developer behind the company’s chat application, David Marcus, will operate a team of experts and further research blockchain to determine how it will benefit Facebook. Olaf is firmly optimistic about the company’s introduction to the cryptosphere and blockchain.

As it stands, leading tech companies are seeing a huge loss of talent as exceptional minds are leaving these companies to others built within the crypto industry. For any of them to stand a chance at integrating themselves within the digital asset industry, maintaining their expert employees is a must. Olaf states that as more distinguished individuals shift towards cryptocurrency operations, this provides a big boost to the ecosystem, despite tech-leaders losing valuable expert assets. He explains that the rise in BC apps due to a surge of developers is what he considers a success as opposed to digital token values.

Mass Shift

As of now, many of the leading industrial figures in technology are seeing a massive shift of their greatest available talent leaving these companies and pursuing their own crypto-based projects. Olaf Carlson-Wee is an investor with a billion-dollar company involved in large blockchain startups and views the successful migration of talent from tech to crypto as a positive shift.

He explains that the crypto and blockchain industry is far more active and outperforming itself as of recently which is the reasoning behind his opinion of developer transition instead of cryptocurrency prices as a measure of value.

Should developers keep turning towards the digital industry, it will provide a better chance at further advancement, potentially at the cost of the tech industry and its giants.

2 years ago

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