Tari Labs Launching Online Blockchain University for Free

Tari Labs, a South Africa-based startup has announced the launch of their free online university providing training to developers of blockchain technology around the world. The startup was initially launched this year by Riccardo Spagni, an expert in blockchain, in collaboration with two US investors, Dan Teree and Naiveen Jain. 


Why Establish an Online Blockchain University

The startup’s mission is to ultimately promote the utility of scarce digital commodities including event tickets, gaming purchases, online collectibles, and loyalty points. Jain, one of the primary investors, noted that cryptocurrencies provide use cases for blockchain tech presenting an opportunity for a user-friendly experience in which traders can hold and transfer funds. The Tari platform was put into production when the trio of investors decided to create a blockchain-operating space that would promote actual solutions for these niche issues.

By implementing a free blockchain training programme accessible internationally, Tari Labs hopes to become an integral part of supporting blockchain development for future generations and thus further spread their protocol. Cayle Sharrock, a senior member of the contributing team noted that the university will aim to embody an online hub for blockchain and crypto training and learning facilities directed at all stages of learning. In their perspective, helping expand the number of blockchain experts worldwide will help the greater blockchain sphere in the future.

The blockchain startup is leading what many describe as one of the most useful platforms empowering those wishing to develop scarce digital commodities consumers love simultaneously promoting the encouragement of crypto adoption. Sharrock also noted that the soon to launch online university is part of Tari Lab’s plan to establish a space for people to gain blockchain developmental skills.

What Goes Around Comes Around

He explained that Tari Labs offers talented individuals the opportunity and space to further develop their skills no matter what level they are at for free. The blockchain university will become an international hub for knowledge sharing as well as facilitate cross-learning from others in the greater blockchain community.

Tari Labs also believes that blockchain technology is constantly evolving and aim to be a source of assistance in that evolution process. Ultimately, the startup hopes to help developers and the blockchain community who will, in turn, give back to the company by further spreading the Tari platform. Tari Labs’ upcoming university will be based in Johannesburg, South Africa, as their preferred location as they feel it is an appropriate home base to gather the required skill and talent needed to successfully launch and develop the platform.

2 years ago

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