Tanzanian Government Set to Research Blockchain Technology

The Tanzanian government is currently preparing to start some very detailed research into DLT systems, but such a move is not without its detractors.


A government representative named Dr. Jim Yonazi said in a conference that took place recently that ICT experts should help the government ascertain the overall power and range of DLT systems and blockchain-based companies before any decision is made.

Yonaki further showed how he believes that research into the Tanzanian government would help in shaping the rules and laws needed to make sure blockchain technology poses no threat to the stability of the government.

Resistance in Africa

Africa has quickly become a place where many conflicts in regards to blockchain take place. A lot of African nations face issues with managing data, especially in the realm of media, agriculture, natural resources, administrating land, authenticating certificates, and voting.

A lot of entrepreneurs for DLT systems have headed toward Africa to offer assistance. At the start of this year, Cardano shared a plan to send blockchain-based missions to Ethiopia and also training programs on the way to implement the technology to change agriculture network in general.

Over in Uganda, crypto exchange platform Binance will be working alongside many entrepreneurs to design DLT projects aimed at improving the everyday lives of the local citizens.

It seems to be too early to determine if all the attempts taking place in Africa will really make a difference to the individuals who require help the most. Despite an overall positive vibe surrounding the potential of blockchain to be used for the good of humanity, the UN has expressed distrust in the technology and shared that it will not have enough capability to create positive outcomes on the continent.

It has also been reported that there are plans to implement DLT in Sierra Leone, in an effort to relieve the ongoing credit crisis that is wreaking havoc on the economy.

1 year ago

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