Taiwanese Hospital Launches BC Platform for Better Record-Keeping

A university hospital in Tapei began a program to launch a platform based on blockchain tech with the goal of recording medical data more efficiently, reported a local news source Friday.

The program was originally developed to promote the government’s new Hierarchical Medical System, geared towards progressing a service for patient referrals, and the integration of various healthcare providers to allow patients to access their medical history quickly and efficiently. 


In order to request records, the process is simple: a user has to create a username and password on the new mobile application, and send their request. 

The system includes more than a hundred clinics, and utilizes BC tech to solve the primary issues in the nation’s healthcare system, like the transferring of data across establishments and patient dashboards.

Once on the platform, a patient can gain access to all of their previous records and medical history, with the inclusion of medical results, images, and exam info. In addition, hospitals are now able to request and send records via “smart contracts”. 

The superintendent of the university hospital, Chen Ray-Jadem, said to the local news source that BC tech can help reduce security risks, fraud, and the like. He also mentioned that the new platform will not just merge electronic records from several clinics, it can also promote security and consent using a notification feature. 

Healthcare institutions around the world have applied DLT within medical data organization. In Augst, a SK biotech company, Macrogen, alonside tech agency Bigster, have begun developing a data platform to allow efficient and secure storage as well as data transfer of highly confidential DNA and personal data. Last May, launched a new BC platform geared at tracking and securing pharmaceutical information. 

2 years ago

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