Taiwan is getting ready For ICO Guidelines, Discloses Chief of Securities Controller

Putting resources into ICOs in Taiwan in the near future will be as simple as placing cash in shares.


This is as indicated by the director of Taiwan's Fiscal Supervisory Commission (FSC), Wellington Koo, who stated that controls for overseeing ICOs are at present being outlined with a perspective on improving the procedure for financial speculators and in addition allowing tokens to have the same liquidity as shares of stock.

Talking amid a fiscal board of trustees’ conference held by the nation's governing body, Koo likewise uncovered that the outline of the controls will be completed by mid-2019, as per a national publication. This followed a Member of Parliament, William Tseng, inquiring as to if the Taiwanese government was anticipating to manage Initial sale of tokens.

High Rates of Extortion

Tseng was incited by details that were discharged in the course of 2018 by Satis Corporation, an ICO consultancy firm, which had determined that 81% of ICOs had ended up being frauds.

The drafted ICO controls may not be applicable to all tokens. Eminently, the FSC will exclude service tokens as it has no expectation of controlling them.

"... tokens traded for merchandise, for example, those utilized in accumulating bonuses at shopping malls or mileage bonus acknowledged by aircrafts, will not be controlled by the guidelines," composed the national publication.

As per Koo, this is to avoid authorizing an enactment that would demoralize an advancement which is in its early stages.

"The regulating agency has no goal of limiting the innovativeness and efficiency related to cryptos in the event that they are not utilized as securities," said Koo.

Expert Crypto Position

Amid his work as the director of the FSC, Koo has generally been strongly supporting the cryptographic money industry. A year back, for example, the FSC executive said to the Taiwanese legislature that he would not put prohibitions on crypto-related movements in the nation as has been the situation in different nations on the Asian continent, for example, China and South Korea. At that moment Koo demonstrated that he favored having a friendly environment that would help sustain the improvement and reception of blockchain  and crypto-coins in the nation.

As a media outlet revealed at that point, Koo's perspective was like that of Taiwanese Member of Parliament Jason Hsu, who had approached the authorities to pursue an alternate way from that of China and South Korea.

"Since the Chinese and South Korean governments are prohibiting their crypto industries, does not imply that Taiwan ought to go with the same trend, there is an enormous chance for development later on. We ought to copy the Japanese, who regard digital currency as a very controlled, profoundly observed sector just as stocks," a National newspaper cited Hsu as mentioning at that moment.

2 years ago

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