Syscoin Partners with Peer Mountain for New Platform

Syscoin and Peer Mountain have come together to design a new solution to verified products like tobacco. Syscoin is a crypto-startup and the first to ever create a digital wallet with a decentralized marketplace. On the other hand, Peer Mountain’s objective is providing users with heavy security to protect their data by utilizing their own software platform based on blockchain.


As per the released statement, both parties will collaborate and connect both their protocols as a means of interoperability and eventually introducing Peer Mountain’s verification solution to Syscoin next year. As an addition, Blockchain Foundry will also be backing both companies to mediate transactions of authenticated products and services on its marketplace. 

Jed Grant, the chief executive officer of Peer Mountain, as well as its founder, expressed his joyous opinions about the beneficial gains of the collaboration and stated that through the joint efforts of both companies, their respective communities will both see several new e-commerce prospects. 

Additionally, he mentioned the excitement behind Syscoin’s Blockmarket platform and selling validated goods through support by Peerchain and complete collaboration. Since the announcement, the SYS, Syscoin’s native currency has seen spiked in price from $0.15 to $0.176 with a $94M total market cap, all in all, a 16 percent climb for the coin. 

2 years ago

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