Swiss Crypto Valley Successfully Trials Blockchain Voting

A Swiss town named Zug, dubbed the "Crypto Valley", announced the successful results of its initial tests on their newly developed blockchain voting framework.

According to reports by Coindesk from June of this year, Zug produced a platform for online voting developed via blockchain in a new step towards supporting the technology’s adoption in the real world.
The test took place from the 25th of June until the 1st of July, and organized information from polls as well as the identification documents from residents registered in the system.

A Swiss news organization reported that Zug’s head of communications, Dieter Müller, stated that the initial tests were a success.


After the trials appeared to have a positive outlook, Müller mentioned that further, more technical intricacies regarding the voting mechanism will be investigated in the upcoming months.

The government made a statement in June detailing the goals of the initiative, including the city’s priority to transform current voting processes to become more secure and less prone to meddling.

Luxoft, a company that produces software in Crypto Valley, developed the platform in a collaboration with the town and Lucerne University.

Vasily Suvorov, CTO of Luxoft, stated that e-voting is a sensitive system that shouldn’t be the product of any one entity. He stated that he believes the tech should be ‘open source’ in order to allow others to learn about the tech for themselves. It would be beneficial for governments across the world to adopt the system as it allows for a more secure method of voting.

2 years ago

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