Swiss Al-Powered Steadycurrency Becomes Halal To Entice Muslim Shareholders

Many fintech corporations are now targeting Islamic nations dominated by Sharia-compliant finance. Market watch dogs and participants in the UAE are keen on inviting innovative companies through their doors.


Presently, Swiss-based digital money entity X8 was the latest corporation to obtain an Islamic finance authorization.

Islamic Finance Accredited For Mid-East Growth

SRB has already issued authorization for their digital currency. The X8 AG and fintech firm currently carry out their operations in Switzerland. SRB has the approval of the central bank of Bahrain to offer advisory services to other companies. As a result, the entity will soon extend its operations to the Middle East in the near future. However, it must comply with all regulatory requirements applicable within the jurisdiction.

Additionally, teller also received approval from SRB recently. Greco, X8 founder suggested that the Gulf area is a better place for monetary technology corporations. These areas want to become centers for fintech.

Greco revealed that the region is already welcoming fintech firms by creating a conducive business environment. Several corporations are skeptical about digital money and are reluctant to invest in this industry because of many risks. This gives stablecoins a chance to flourish in this market.

It is important to note that X8 has distributed a crypto known as X8X token. The product is backed by eight fiat coins and gold. Therefore, it is expected to get a good reception in the market.

Pumpcoin’s Extensive Buzzword Dictionary

X8 is a more complex crypto than what many market participants may expect. The firm also issues their own tokens such as X8X which is listed on CoinMarketCap. Though, X8C is a stable currency.

The information from the corporation’s website indicates that X8C is managed by financial IA. It also includes features such as ARM.

In addition, many sources on the web brand it as the best crypto which gives it a good name in the market. Moreover, this currency is Sharia-compliant which allows it to be traded on exchanges in the Middle East.  There is also a weakness associated with this stablecurrency. Customers can only use it to trade if they hold equivalent amounts of the entity’s utility token. Therefore, it means that individuals holding lesser amounts may not be able to trade in this case.

The information from the venture authorized website indicates that the utility token will permit X8C exchange. It is ready for purchase while the stablecurrency is expected to follow soon.

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