Suspect in BTC Investor's Murder Now in Police Custody

Twenty-year-old Makaveli Lindén was apprehended in France and is now in the custody of the French police, after an international week-long manhunt, for the horrific murder of BTC investor Heikki Bjørklund Paltto, which took place in Norway.


Lindén had supposedly stabbed Paltto which led to his gruesome death at the latter's residence in the Majorstuen area, Oslo. Makaveli Lindén is a foreigner living in Sweden. He left Norway just after the incident and returned home to Uppsala before also leaving Sweden. Eventually, he was apprehended in France. However, this information is yet to be announced publicly through the police in Norway.

Murder Not Related to BTC Funds

At first, it was believed that the crime was associated with Paltto’s BTC crypto investments, from which he earned 100s of 1000s of dollars. Local police had said at the time that Paltto had, in fact, sold huge amounts of BTC right before he was murdered. It seems he was planning to use these funds, which were kept in his place of residence, to buy his own apartment.

As the investigation continued and it seemed like Lindén was involved in what had happened, the police concluded that it might have been completely random. The suspect, who had a long rap-sheet of theft convictions as well as drug-related arrests, had allegedly been involved in a robbery not too far away from the place of the murder in which the robber held the victims using a knife.

2 years ago

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