Survey: Students Outnumber U.S. Average of Crypto Ownership

US nationwide surveys indicate that the majority of American students would like to participate in a crypto-focused educational course covering digital currency, blockchain technology, and market research. Statistics also indicated that students make up twice the nation’s average of crypto ownership.


Likelihood of Digital Currency Ownership Doubles For Students vs. Average Americans

According to Coinbase’s recent cross country pole surveying 675 US students, eighteen percent claimed they own digital assets. The questionnaire, in collaboration with Quiorsly, also investigated the topic of education, with twenty five percent confirming they would most certainly take part in a blockchain focused crypto course.

The finance chair at Stern School of Business, NY University, David Yermack, stated that these courses are guaranteed to benefit American students. In the past four years, he noted a six time boost in student enrollment numbers for his blockchain course. Yermack explained that this increase is due to a greater process shifting financial data into blockchain oriented businesses. Studying this area now offers students a major advantage post graduation when such technologies will likely become a major aspect of the financial industry among others.

In correlation, a review noted that educational courses offering blockchain and digital current topics have been welcomed across the top fifty universities worldwide. According to US News and World Report, forty two percent of the highest ranked American universities now offer a minimum of one blockchain and crypto focused course with twenty two percent providing one or more to enrolled students.

Statistics have shown an exponential increase in student interest for such courses across various departments of education. For example, among students majoring in the social sciences, forty seven percent of which state their interest in studying about cryptocurrency. Thirty four percent of students majoring in computer science or engineering confirmed the same.

More Than 50% of the World Own Smartphones, While Only 1% Are Crypto Owners

In July, Coinbase’s Chief Technology Officer, Balaji Srinivasan, noted a correlation between crypto owners and those who carry smartphones worldwide. As only eight percent of Americans and one percent of the global population own digital assets, yet a whopping sixty three percent of adults are smartphone owners worldwide. This argument sparked much commentary on social media, particularly those agreeing that ownership rates should not be calculated on current numbers but rather due to predicted industry events.

2 years ago

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