Surrender or the consequences will be severe: Thai’s Detectives set a due date for the Mastermind behind the $24 Million Bitcoin Scam.

The main suspect in Thailand's multimillion dollar bitcoin extortion, presently has just a couple of days to make arrangements to present himself to the authorities or else endeavors to deport him will commence.


The Crime Suppression Department (C.S.D) in Thailand has given Prinya Jaravijit, until 17th Sept to submit himself to the authorities. Prinya Jaravijit, who is said to be the genius who executed the deceitful plan in which Aarni Otava Saarimaa, a financial specialist from Finland lost 5,564 bitcoins valued at 800 million baht (around 24 million USD) at the time.

As detailed by a Bangkok-based newspaper, Prinya had already been requested to appear in a session with detectives on 14th Sept. nevertheless, he did not present himself. His attorney rather asked for a deferment contending he required some extra days to accumulate enough information to defend his client.

Deportation Procedures

As indicated by a high ranking officer of C.S.D, Chakrit Sawasdee, if Prinya Jaravijit fails to submit himself next week, deportation procedures will begin immediately. According to the high ranking officer this is not the first incidence they have deferred a summon.

"Mr.  Prinya Jaravijit has been summoned to present himself on 17th Sept. and on the chance that he disregards this, the necessary authorities will be reached to endeavor to take him back to confront indictment," 

stated Sawasdee.

Prinya, who is believed to be in a hideout in US, is as of now the main suspect fleeing. Different suspects in the bitcoin extortion incident who include Prinya's brother, sister and parents have showed up before the authorities. He’s more youthful sibling, Jiratpisit 'Blast' Jarajivit, also a Thai-based artist, was arraigned in court, discharged on a US$60,000 bond and prohibited from leaving Thailand as detailed by a web-based news agency.

Jiratpisit's supposedly got US$649,000 from Prinya yet he keeps on pleading innocent stating his older sibling utilized his bank account without his assent. Prinya likewise deposited US$4.2 million to his more youthful sister, Suphitcha, however she has additionally pleaded innocent and even said she is willing to send back the money to Prinya.

Keeping everything within the Family

Moreover, the authorities are additionally considering calling Prinya's dad Suwit Jarajivit and his mom Lertchatkamol since there is information indicating they got around US$1.8 million from their child.

Different suspects who had been identified in the extortion incident incorporated well-known Shares dealer Prasit Srisuwan and entrepreneur Chakris Ahmad. In an arrangement, the Finnish investor had agreed with Prinya, that he was to put his cash in organizations recorded on the Thai’s Stock Trade and in addition in Expay Programming where Ahmad is a noteworthy investor. But, immediately Mr. Saarimaa, the Finnish investor moved the bitcoins to Prinya's wallet, the cash was redirected to the bank accounts of Prinya’s family members.

Prior this month, Mr. Saarimaa attained a consensus with Srisuwan and Ahmad where he pulled back the all the complaints, allowing them to be free from the allegations against them.

2 years ago

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