Sunway Group Announces Collaborated Investment Of $50 Million

One of Malaysia’s largest syndicates, Sunway Group has announced a collaborated effort with venture capital KK Fund to initiate an investment worth $50 million under the name of Sun SEA Capital. The aim of the fund is to invest in various startups in Southeast Asia as well as Hong Kong.



As Sunway has stated, the investments are meant to finance many new startups across Asia, including those involved in media entertainment, Fintech, medical and health departments and more. The company plans on handing out investments ranging anywhere from one to three million dollars.

By partnering up to raise the new fund, Sunway Group is providing the resources and expert knowledge required while working together with Koichi Saito and Kuan Hsu of KK Fund, utilizing their intricate investment knowledge and expertise provided by both founders.

Future Developments


Saito, one of the original founders of KK Fund, said that the newly formed group will act as a central hub for any startups looking to acquire expertise, consulting and financing. The group aims to assist as many startups as possible in advancing and developing new technologies, including DPLs and AI tech.


Sun SEA Capital is the newest member of the massive conglomerate focused on offering new startups a place to go to in order to absorb as much knowledge and expert guidance, professional consulting on technology development and other ventures. As a conglomerate, the investment funds provided by Sun SEA Capital are incredibly valuable to new startups and provides a trustworthy relationship between them.

2 years ago

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