Sudden Bitcoin Surge Change’s Longtime Bitcoin Bear Bullish

After a very long time of consistently displayed a bearish attitude about the leading and first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Schlossberg is suddenly bullish towards it. In an interview with CNBC, the longtime Bitcoin bear highlight key points regarding Bitcoin’s latest climb over its $7K mark.


During the interview, he spoke about certain important points regarding Bitcoin and its sudden surge in value. He stated that the coin saw a sudden boom in the market over the last week after spending months around its $6K mark. Bitcoin climbed a little shy of 16% since last Monday and its surge is attributed to the fact that an unexpected 11 percent climb the day after.

On the 17th of July, the coin saw a quick climb in value, adding $700 to its price in just under an hour and as a result, Bitcoin’s hype sparked again. Earlier in 2018, Boris stated with confidence that if Bitcoin ever dropped below its $5K mark, forced asset liquidation would follow. Despite his earlier statement, Schlossberg, a renowned Bitcoin bear has shifted his attitude to a bullish stance.

Similar to Tom Lee and Barry Silbert, Bitcoin bulls from day one, Boris said that Bitcoin is suddenly climbing and easily pass $8K in price. BlackRock’s announcement regarding its possible introduction to the crypto-scene has also been part of the recent hype behind BTC.

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The veteran Bitcoin bear turned bull also spoke and admitted the coins potential as well as stating that as blockchain continues expanding and more parties are adopting the new-age tech, Bitcoin will eventually become a legalized and developing continuously developing currency.

Barry Silbert shares the same opinions as Boris regarding Bitcoin. As with Schlossberg’s latest statement, it cements the fact that Boris is now a Bitcoin bull. Silbert has stated that iconic Bitcoin bears like Howard Marks continuously down-talk Bitcoin and yet it remains in place.

2 years ago

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