Back Announces New It’s New Me Token for Customers, a game-changing digital solution for styling is continuously re-imaging fashion e-commerce. After its critically acclaimed Styling & Fit Solution, now has a new objective and plans to disrupt the social influence environment to tackle incentives and enhance reimbursement using its new token and opening all doors to its user-base.

The Token

Me Token is structured on blockchain-tech and was created to provide a method of linking and rewarding buyers, social influencers and brand names based on their level of activity in a simple, direct, and efficient manner. 

Its token has been launched on the 23 of July and its social market application will be the first to introduce the new Me token environment. Founder and chief executive officer of Me Token and, Rufus Parkinson stated that by introducing cryptocurrencies to the social market, a decentralized system can be created that focuses on the user and ensures the protection of privacy and right of ownership.

Through tokenization, Parkinson explains that the technology will modernize a shopper’s experience and lead them to new products and services with an alternative and easier method of purchase and as a result, will bring buyers, creators and brand names even closer. The shopping solutions main function is to provide social exploration by allowing users to create their own fashion and style content created specifically after their own taste.’s decentralized design differs from other social platforms in that participants retain all their data and manage it as they please while users collaborate on monetization within the system. Essentially, experienced and new users will both be able to monetize any of their content given that there is no limit or number of followers required to be able to garner revenue from one’s own content.

Even More Utility

While those on can purchase any content off the platform, buyers will also be able to utilize the new native token to acquire personalized services, including advisory services from established users. 

Through this method, the Me Token environment provides several locations to expand and personally involve any content creator with their own fan base and offering users a much simpler means of networking with any influencer they choose. was launched three years ago in 2015 and presented a revamp of the entire fashion e-commerce industry by connecting every participant, whether a user or a brand, on one platform to establish an accessible and user-friendly economy with no requirements of incredible knowledge or expertise, once again allowing all its users to be actively involved. The company also produces a state of the art fitting room online and provides the service to any website involved in retail.

2 years ago

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