Strike Launches LN Software for Businesses to Process Bitcoin Payments Via eCommerce Plugin

The popular payment service provider, Strike, integrated an API software for Lightning Network payments, offering businesses the ability to receive digital currencies through an ACINQ developed plugin, WooCommerce. The payments are processed through Lightning, a network built upon Bitcoin’s blockchain offering solutions for instant payments.


The plugin can then be formatted for Lightning Network payments on WordPress online businesses. WooCommerce offers a user-friendly interface and gives business owners the ability to manage payment transactions as they process them.

The WooCommerce plugin is part of ACINQ’s continuous efforts to introduce Bitcoin globally as more than a valued asset such as gold or silver.

Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are often compared to valuables such as gold however there are many characteristics that set it apart from traditional stored value goods. Bitcoin, in particular, has elements that allow it to be more divisible, malleable, as well as has the capability to be distributed faster than gold. It can also improve and undergo further development and has the potential to be used as a mainstream form of currency for everyday purchases. In that sense, Bitcoin merely needs to boost processing speeds and lower exchange fees in order to enter the financial sphere as a mainstream currency.

ACINQ Pushes On With Bitcoin Solutions

Based in Paris, ACINQ continues to build and develop services and solutions within the Bitcoin ecosystem since the year 2014. The first successful test of their payment platform prototype built for Lightning was announced in 2016.

The network consists of two-way transaction channels able to transfer assets using the blockchain technology. Significantly furthering the decentralization of Bitcoin transactions, the network offers a scalable payment solution due to its ability to defer transactions to the Bitcoin blockchain.

2 years ago

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