Streamers on Twitch Now Collecting Tips in Blockchain Items

Streamers on Twitch are now ready to receive donations from their viewers in the form of NFTs through WAX ExpressTrade, an instant P2P trading provider that’s free of charge.


Users of the live-streaming video platform are now able to integrate WAX URL overlays so that they can view alerts in real time that will pop up instantly within the stream as soon as any donation is made by a viewer.

Instant Donations

Viewers can use this feature to send NFTs, VGO skins, or WAX keys that can be used for unlocking special-edition items from loot crates of many blockchain-based games. WAX has plans to soon be compatible with IRL items as well.

After the free donation is done, streamers can then sell them immediately if they want to via OPSkins and receive real money in return that’s either cash or even crypto.

The blockchain WAX platform is designed to support the designing of special game assets, which bears a resemblance tokens of the ERC-721 within the ETH blockchain. Such funds are created to be compatible with games based on WAX. There is one game currently operational, Forge Arena, which is a 5v5 first-person shooting game available on PC.

WAX is trading at this time for $0.084 and has a market cap of $78.6 million. That makes it the 73rd biggest coin in the ALT100 index.

1 year ago

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