Storm as Kraken Fires Employees in Masses

Online users alleged that the workers had been forced out of the firm into cabs by hired security agents. The firm is also believed to have shifted its operations. 


Kraken Fires Employees

Canadian based Kraken Halifax exchange platform has allegedly fired employees in large numbers at once. According to a Reddit user, the dismissal was prompted by an alleged security compromise. It is alleged that 102 and 60 units at Highfield dismissed workers without notice.

According to the Redditor, the exchange has not given feedback regarding the dismissal. He claimed that private security workers were busy bundling workers out of the premises. Some are believed to have been forced to quit.

The news elicited mixed reactions from Reddit users with some stating that the dismissal was legal. Another used claimed that Kraken Highfield office was the new base for the firm.

It is alleged that exchange had put in place security measures on employee mobile phones for tracking purposes. Kraken said that the surveillance was meant to find out if workers were engaging in any violation of company policies.

The surveillance chip installed on the phone is alleged to be a signal. This is according to a user. The redditor claimed that the signal encrypts phones communication that happens through the app.

Closure of Halifax

The conversation moved to Twitter, with a certain user identified as Sean Hartt confirming that that Kraken had closed operations in Halifax.  The user urged those with information to give a regular update.

Amid the rumours, a Twitter user alleged that workers had been escorted into cabs by security firms. Recently, Kraken was one of the reasons behind the disapproval of a Bitcoin ETF by the SEC.


2 years ago

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