Steve Wozniak Supports Blockchain Startup: Legend’s View on BTC

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple and a true legend in innovation and business, says that he believes in Bitcoin and the technology behind it more than he does with the modern financial system.

In Wozniak’s words, he describes Bitcoin as immune to the control of human beings, which he regards as flawed. He adds that Bitcoin seems more nature-generated than manmade; there is no trusted source to prove who has created it. It is free from any components that would centralize profits or credits to one entity, and it is very mathematical as he believes there cannot be an infinite number of Bitcoins in existence.

Equi, the Blockchain Start-Up

Steve Wozniak announces that he is supporting Equi, the blockchain start-up. The platform’s main cryptocurrency is the British Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH).

Equi is the first of their kind, as they tend to create an edge by providing their shareholders with tangible assets, rather than solely including them in their crypto-related plans. On top of that, they plan to set their share price to be comparable to luxury goods and real estate, making their shares affordable to the average investor.


Wozniak describes the blockchain community as a community that has value, having enough potential to change the rules that allow people to invest and get into the business field. He added that just like any idea involving transactions, such as real-estate, Uber, selling cars, etc, he sees the value in each one of them, just as he does with Bitcoin.

He also mentions how the disapproval of many people and the value given by a very limited number of people reminds him of the Internet, in its early days.

Steve Wozniak might be basing his point-of-view in spiritual terms. However, we have seen him and his late co-founder, Steve Jobs, constantly give credit to the same spiritual and conceptual beliefs for their great inventions and business decisions.

2 years ago

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