Steve Wozniak: I Sold Out All BTCs When Price Went Up High

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak claims that he is not interested in bitcoin as an investor and does not want to constantly monitor the price of BTC like others. Hence, Wozniak sold all his savings in bitcoins.


Steve Wozniak, in an interview with Bloomberg, said the last collapse on the crypto market was more likely due to psychological reasons. In addition, during this time, Wozniak saw "massive value creation."

However, the legendary engineer does not consider BTC as an investment. Instead, Wozniak used bitcoin as an “experimental” form for payments. And when the price of BTC was at its peak, Wozniak sold out all his crypto assets, because he does not want to become one of those who constantly "watching the price."

Wozniak may not invest in cryptocurrencies, but he is quite an active investor in the blockchain industry. For example, in the fall of 2018, Wozniak was one of the founders of crypto startup EQUI International.

1 year ago

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